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Natural Anti Aging Treatments

Natural Anti Aging Treatments

Looking for natural looking results?

Are you nervous or confronted about seeking cosmetic procedures?

What we see on TV or social media can sometimes make us wary of seeking antiaging treatment.

Weird looking faces, duck lips, android cheeks and plastic appearance can be an unfortunate outcome. However, this can be prevented.

Natural, rejuvenated and fresh is a much preferred and desirable outcome.

I feel that certainly injectables are an amazing tool to achieve this. But they must be placed in the hands of the right practitioner. A well trained and qualified injector, with an ethical and conservative approach to these treatments.

Often, injectables are not the answer for particular aging concerns.

A holistic approach to aging, that incorporates the use of complimentary services is best.

Skin health should be the primary goal. Resurfacing damaged photo-aged skin with the use of fractional or IPL devices, along with collagen induction to restore youthful appearance.

Maintaining these results with good skincare regime, the key to this being Vitamin A.

Lastly, protect with a sunscreen, and avoid over exposure to sun.

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