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Skintopia Now Offering Plasma Pen Treatments

What is plasma treatment? Plasma treatment is now an increasingly popular non-surgical treatment for facial and skin rejuvenation. To understand what plasma technology is, it is best to define what it is first. Plasma is now referred to as the fourth state of matter after the three states of matter that we are familiar with, […] View more

Natural Anti Aging Treatments

Looking for natural looking results? Are you nervous or confronted about seeking cosmetic procedures? What we see on TV or social media can sometimes make us wary of seeking antiaging treatment. Weird looking faces, duck lips, android cheeks and plastic appearance can be an unfortunate outcome. However, this can be prevented. Natural, rejuvenated and fresh […] View more

Pre and Post décolletage IPL treatments one month apart

At Skintopia we believe that the Harmony Intense Pulsed Light ( IPL) provides a safe and very effective treatment for Photo Rejuvenation, we recently treated a client’s decolletage with two sessions, minimum downtime and the results are amazing,  we have added the Pre and Post décolletage images the IPL treatments were one month apart, contact […] View more

Microdermabrasion The Benefits

The skin comprises twenty percent of the human body weight and this is the only barrier that protects the internal organs from the external environment. The entry of germs and bacteria into the body can be the cause of infection and diseases that is why proper care for the skin is essential. Apart from the […] View more

New Skintopia Website Launched

Welcome to the new Skintopia website, here you will find lots more information about our Services including Emerge Fractional Laser, Pixel Laser, Microdermabrasion, Dermal Fillers and Anti Wrinkle Injections, Products we like to use plus many more services we provide. As well as you can read all about our Yoga Classes, Yoga Styles and Teachers, new […] View more

Accordion & Perioral Lines

This client is a 48 year old female whom has previously had upper face muscle relaxants. On this occasion, she presented with very deep accordion and Perioral Lines. Both of these types of lines are dynamic expression lines in nature but over time have created static lines which she can see deepening over time. View more
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