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Accordion & Perioral Lines

Accordion & Perioral Lines

Treating Accordion and Perioral Lines with Galderma’s new Dermal Filler “Classic”

This client is a 48 year old female whom has previously had upper face muscle relaxants. On this occasion, she presented with very deep accordion and Perioral Lines. Both of these types of lines are dynamic expression lines in nature but over time have created static lines which she can see deepening over time.

Initially, my recommendation was that she have some ablative fractional laser to resurface the skin and stimulate collagen. She is interested in doing this, but at Before-and-After-10

the moment could not manage the down time due to a hectic schedule

We decided to try a little “line chasing” with a lightweight filler which would give her less downtime but I wasn’t very confident that we would achieve much of a result, as some of the lines were quite deep. I prepared her for a possible 50% correction which she was happy to try.

The dermal filler I decided on the new Classic filler by Galderma as it is known for its softness. Previously I would have used one of their other fillers for this concern, but I wanted to try the new product to see where it would fit in.

The technique I used for the accordion lines was a fern technique. The aim was to provide support to the dynamic movement, therefore helping the lines both while moving as well as at rest. In the perioral lines, I simply injected the product across the lines, also reinforcing support and reducing any laxity of the area.

What I found is that I love how this Classic filler creates an airbrush effect, softening lines without plumping. The other bonus is that it creates minimal swelling therefore the downtime for clients is reduced. The client was extremely happy with the result and is now considering resurfacing when she has the available time which will improve the results further.



Emervel Classic is a hyaluronic acid gel that has been developed for the treatment of moderate wrinkles. It produces natural-looking results for a fresh and youthful appearance.

Treatments with Emervel Classic offer a particularly high level of comfort due to the integrated local anaesthetic, lidocaine.


  • Nasolabial folds (from the nose to the corner of the mouth)
  • Marionette lines (from the corner of the mouth to the chin)
  • Tear troughs (rings under the eyes)




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